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GoLaunch makes it simple to create iPhone and iPad Home Screen buttons to access your FileMaker Go databases with one tap.

Works great with FileMaker Go and FileMaker Pro! Updated to use either fmp, for FileMaker 12 and newer as well as with fmp7script for FileMaker 11.

Simply upload go.php, filemaker-icon57x57.png, filemaker-icon256x256.png to your php enabled website and create a URL using the example below, replacing the parameters that are in all caps with your information. Or you can use our go.php page on The url is provided in the download.

FileMaker 12 thru 16 Example ( Versions Supporting fmp URLs ) ?type=fmp &username=USERNAME &password=PASSWORD &address=ADDRESS &database=DATABASENAME &script=SCRIPTNAME ¶m=PARAMETER &$var1=something &$var2=somethingelse

FileMaker 11 Example ?type=fmp7script &username=USERNAME &password=PASSWORD &address=ADDRESS &database=DATABASENAME &script=SCRIPTNAME ¶m=PARAMETER

Keep in mind, the username/password, script, param, and $variables are now optional! If the username/password are not provided, the user will need to enter their credentials. To create a Home Screen button, visit the url in Safari on your iPhone or iPad by either emailing or typing in the URL. FileMaker Go will launch and your database will open, but if you switch back to Safari, you can tap the button to save the page to your Home Screen for quick access in the future.


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Questions and Answers

Q: What about security?
A: The go.php page can be stored on your own web server, so you could make it secure as you'd like. The database connection data are not stored in the go.php page, only passed through to an fmp7script. If you save a GoLaunch button on your iPad or iPhone Home Screen, then anyone that has access to the device, could tap the button to access the database.

Q: I tried using GoLaunch using your site and the secret url, but it seems to reload all the time. What can be wrong? I also copied go.php to my own webserver (used for FM Server and IWP), but there I get a 404 error?
A: In the calling example on the GoLaunch product page AND in the download, the url stated "type=fp7script" which SHOULD have been "type=fmp7script". Some how we missed adding the "m" in both places. Both are now updated as well as the download file. The url that you sent, not shown here, was missing the "go.php?type=" from the url which may be why you are seeing the 404 error.

Q: Does the database you want to launch have to be served on the net (i.e. via FIleMaker Server), or can it reside locally on the iPad? This solution sounds good but on some of the iPads I want to use may not be on the net (and thus can't access the web server).
A: The database can be anywhere, but the go.php page is normally located on a web server. Tapping the Home Screen button loads go.php which then launches the database.

Q: Do you need this per user/ipad? or is this a server side app that works with multiple users/ipads?
A: It's server side, so you only need to purchase it once for your entire solution.

Q: I keep getting an error, can it be because I have a space in the name of the database? It complains database could not be found.
A: Yes. Any special characters like spaces need to be encoded to hex. A reference chart can be found at . For instance, a space would need to be %20. This also means that you cannot used some characters in your usernames, passwords, database name, and script names. Characters to avoid would be percent, slash, and question mark as they are used in URLs.