August 2015

Art Licensing Manager 3 Progress

Making Progress

We just wanted to share a quick video on the progress we've made on Art Licensing Manager 3. So far...

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Avast! Mac's Need Protection Too

But Mac's are Secure!

Yes, Mac's are very secure, but there is some malware out there. Just the other day a friend of ours couldn't web surf due to a nasty bit of malware.

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Excited Labels for Xojo which could also work in FileMaker

Field Labels can be Excited

Just like a microwave excites water molecules, you can excite your field labels.

Normally we all place field labels to the left of our fields but that takes up a ton of space. That works and will continue to work, but when I was visiting last night I saw a very nice animated way to handle a field label.

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Art Licensing Manager v3 - EasyData2 Database Model for Xojo

Summer Vacations and Thinking

It's been a few months since the last post about converting the Art Licensing Manager to a Xojo Web App. It's been a busy summer between working on projects for clients, going on RV camping trips, and thinking about the best way to convert our FileMaker Runtime to a Xojo Web App. One of my favorite 'work' days this summer was working on the web app from our travel trailer campsite while enjoying the weather.

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