July 2010

FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone



Today, FileMaker released FileMaker Go for iPad and FileMaker Go for iPhone! We're extremely exited to have this available. This year, we're going to see FileMaker in so many places now that it can become so portable.

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FMSmallBusiness (FMSB) on iPad FileMaker Go - First Glance


Today, we launched our flagship solution, FMSmallBusiness on FileMaker Go. Looks amazing and most items are working well too!

We've tried it with our database, but please be careful testing your database. FileMaker Go does not have the entire set of features that FileMaker on your computer does. Please read the list of the known issues.

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Location Search for FileMaker and IWP Web Interface


This week we created a fantastic solution using FileMaker for a client that needed a Location Search added to their website. Their customers would call the the office and ask 'where are your locations in my city'. The locations were in their FileMaker database, but they had no way to make that information accessible to their customers.

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Ray Cologon's FileMaker UltraLog Modified to use XML


Dr. Ray Cologon is a genius. He really is. He's created so many amazing FileMaker Demo files over the past several years. As listing of many of them is available on his Australian website:

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FileMaker Template for Developing iPad Apps


Today we completed development on our FileMaker Template for Developing iPad Apps. All it needs now is your business data. We started this template to save development time for ourselves and for our clients. The first app will be a Surgical Procedure Log.

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