March 2010

Find and Replace in MySQL using phpMyAdmin


This evening, I was cleaning up the files on our websites and deleted a folder of images for our WordPress website. I had a backup of course, but the folder that I deleted was from when I was testing WordPress. Since then, I moved the WordPress files to the root directory of our website. I could have fixed it by either:

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Generate FileMaker Favorite Hosts XML


I was looking at copy and pasting over forty of the Favorite Hosts from FileMaker 10 to FileMaker 11. While I ended up having to copy and pasting them out of FileMaker 10, I created a simple FavHosts.fp7 database to generate the XML portion of the FileMaker Preferences File.

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FileMaker 11 is Available!


FileMaker Inc. released FileMaker 11 today for both Mac and Windows. Read about the new features.

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Using iPhone Dragon Dictation with Things


I've been interested in adding items to my Things To Do list while away from my computer with out typing them. Typing is a pain. The steps to do this are:

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