Rethinking Software Interfaces - Art Licensing Manager 3 - FileMaker to Xojo Rewrite

We started on Art Licensing Manager 3 a bit more than year ago, but our attention was needed on another project to rewrite a FileMaker solution to a Xojo Web App. We're getting back to working on ALM3 now which also happens to be a FileMaker to Xojo rewrite.

We'll get into the why and and discuss our journey starting with this post. Read More…

FileMaker 15 Platform Provides Less ROI

FileMaker 15 was released last week. The update has caused quite a bit disruption in the FileMaker Community. FileMaker 15 adds some features along with a new licensing method that is extremely confusing to the developer community. Read More…

Yet Another Site Redesign

That's right. We updated our site yet again.

It's been very frustrating finding a web site publishing system that is crazy fast AND easy to use. Over the years we've tried several systems, but I think we're now would the right solution for us.

In the past, we've tried Drupal, Wordpress, FileMaker with FMWebFrame, and EverWeb, and even coding our own as a Xojo Web App. On Friday, my friend Tim Dietrich suggested RapidWeaver. Read More…