October 2016

Xojo's 2016 Developers Conference

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Xojo's 2016 Developers Conference Overview

I flew back from the Xojo Developers Conference ( XDC ) on Saturday. After reflecting on the three day event, I couldn't be happier about developing software with Xojo. The Xojo Keynote covered the what is planned over the next year. Afterwards, fellow Xojo-er's presented their sessions including my session on 'Database Driven Design'. I discussed Xanadu, our code to make Xojo development using databases faster. All of the sessions were well put together as I learned something in each session I attended.

The following is what was discussed during the keynote and what that means regarding what we can do for you. Read More…

Xanadu for Xojo on GitHub

Xanadu for Xojo is now available on GitHub!

Next week I'm speaking at the Xojo Developer Conference about "Database Driven Apps". The session will show how we're using Xojo to build multi user Apps where users access CRM type data such as Contacts, Invoices, and more. In the session, I will discuss "Making Xojo Database Apps Easier for Everyone, especially for FileMaker Developers" in the form of Xanadu, a Xojo Web App. Read More…