Art Licensing

Art Licensing Manager Overview Video


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ALM v3 - Conversion of a FileMaker Runtime to a Xojo Web App


Getting Started

This is the beginning of a series of posts discuss converting our Art Licensing Manager product that runs as a FileMaker Runtime to a Xojo Web App. We'd love suggestions, feedback and more than willing to answer any questions about the process. We plan to get into a little detail, but not too much and some sample code.

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Art Licensing Manager v3 - EasyData2 Database Model for Xojo

Summer Vacations and Thinking

It's been a few months since the last post about converting the Art Licensing Manager to a Xojo Web App. It's been a busy summer between working on projects for clients, going on RV camping trips, and thinking about the best way to convert our FileMaker Runtime to a Xojo Web App. One of my favorite 'work' days this summer was working on the web app from our travel trailer campsite while enjoying the weather.

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Art Licensing Manager 3 Progress

Making Progress

We just wanted to share a quick video on the progress we've made on Art Licensing Manager 3. So far...

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Export FileMaker Tables to JSON

FileMaker to Xojo

We're still working to convert the Art Licensing Manager, our FileMaker Runtime based solution, to a Xojo Web App. It's a high priority for us since FileMaker Runtimes are listed to be deprecated, although we have several years as building Runtimes are available in FileMaker version 14 and will also be included in the 'next' version according to FileMaker Inc. We plan to have the Art Licensing Manager 3 available well before then.

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Art Licensing Manager 3 Progress - Multiple Platforms

Platforms Galore, Pics Below

We did some preliminary testing of the Art Licensing Manager 3 on Mac, Windows, iPad, and Android and it's looking great.

You may notice that we're showing two pics for iPad. In 'iPad Safari' we launched Safari and then typed in the server address. After that pic, we saved that web page to the iPad Home Screen 'iPad Saved to Home Screen' as we show in the video for GoLaunch for FileMaker page. That simply saves a bookmark to the home screen, but it also hides the address bar, which saves a bit of space as you can see in the 'iPad Home Screen' pic.

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