FMSmallBusiness Updated to v1.2.2

FMSmallBusiness - History | CampSoftware - FileMaker Development and Small Business Software by FileMaker Certified Developers: "2009/03/21 v1.2.2

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FMSmallBusiness Updated to version 1.3.1 - Adds FileMaker 10's iPhone Web Interface!

Today we released version 1.3.1 of FMSmallBusiness (FMSB) which includes twenty five updates including new items, improvements, and updates.

The most exciting item is the use of the FileMaker 10 Server PHP Site Assistant which generates iPhone interfaces for FileMaker databases, like FMSmallBusiness. Videos and Screenshots [dead link] of FMSB are available including screenshots of our updated iPhone interface.

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FMSmallBusiness updated for Mac OS X 10.6. Improves Email Sending and iCal Exporting


FMSmallBusiness - History: [dead link]

2009/09/01 v1.5.2 [3 Items] Note: Some Features are FileMaker 10 only. The next version WILL require FileMaker 10.

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