Teaching FileMaker to Send Alerts to an iPhone


Recently I had the need to send alerts to my iPhone from my FileMaker system. I started using Twitter, and while that works ok, the alerts would get lost in my twitter stream. I needed something that would make different sounds based on what kind of alert was coming in.

I found a super simple solution. And it was almost free!
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Using iPhone Dragon Dictation with Things


I've been interested in adding items to my Things To Do list while away from my computer with out typing them. Typing is a pain. The steps to do this are:

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FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone



Today, FileMaker released FileMaker Go for iPad and FileMaker Go for iPhone! We're extremely exited to have this available. This year, we're going to see FileMaker in so many places now that it can become so portable.

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Print from your iPad or iPhone using your Mac's Printer!


If you have an iPad or an iPhone it's really easy to print using AirPrint Activator!

Just install the software, delete your Mac OS X Printer, add the Printer back and in minutes, you can print from your iPad and iPhone!

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