The Hills Screensaver

The Hills Screensaver: "The Hills screensaver is about the coolest screensaver I’ve seen for Mac OS X, but it’s not easy to get. The screensaver shows beautifully rendered rolling green hills covered in perfectly-manicured grass. You fly over them as though gliding in a silent helicopter. It’s utterly hypnotic — and very relaxing, especially on a big display."

LotsaWater Screensaver

Another cool screensaver for Mac OS X:

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Need a VPN for $24? Try iVPN

We were in the need for an inexpensive/simple VPN. Brian Sakowicz suggested iVPN and so far, it rocks!

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FileMaker and Mac OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard Issues

Mac OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard is shipping today. This is what we know about the FileMaker issues in plain English. See the links below for the details. Email us with any suggested changes to this...

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FMSmallBusiness updated for Mac OS X 10.6. Improves Email Sending and iCal Exporting


FMSmallBusiness - History: [dead link]

2009/09/01 v1.5.2 [3 Items] Note: Some Features are FileMaker 10 only. The next version WILL require FileMaker 10.

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Letterbox for Mac - Changes to a three-column view.


We just saw that Letterbox for Mail on Mac OS X 10.6.x now available and installed it. Seems to work well! I'm so happy to have a three column view back in mail...

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Try ClickToFlash to Make Safari Faster

Ever since Apple decided to refuse running Adobe Flash on the iPhone and iPad, we wondered how much content is Flash and if it was really that bad. After all, in Safari on Mac OS X, it seems fine.

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QC Signature Capture for iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Windows


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Print from your iPad or iPhone using your Mac's Printer!


If you have an iPad or an iPhone it's really easy to print using AirPrint Activator!

Just install the software, delete your Mac OS X Printer, add the Printer back and in minutes, you can print from your iPad and iPhone!

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Controlling Safari from FileMaker


This week we needed to gather data from a website and store the result into a FileMaker database running on Mac.

Everything worked great when we manually tested it in Safari, so when we tried it in using the FileMaker Web Viewer we were surprised that the page would not load as it did in Safari. We also considered the script step 'Insert from URL', but that wouldn't work since navigation of the site is required.

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VIP Smart Folders for Mac Mountain Lion Mail


Mountain Lion for Mac OS X, 10.8, was released yesterday. I've been looking forward to using the new Mail VIP feature for a while now. It allows you to mark contacts as a VIP. My goal was to somehow move less important emails to a folder or smart mailbox.

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MacBook Pro Cool Pad


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Avast! Mac's Need Protection Too

But Mac's are Secure!

Yes, Mac's are very secure, but there is some malware out there. Just the other day a friend of ours couldn't web surf due to a nasty bit of malware.

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