Find and Replace in MySQL using phpMyAdmin


This evening, I was cleaning up the files on our websites and deleted a folder of images for our WordPress website. I had a backup of course, but the folder that I deleted was from when I was testing WordPress. Since then, I moved the WordPress files to the root directory of our website. I could have fixed it by either:

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FileMaker 12 - Internal SQL Code Formatting


One of the new features in FileMaker 12 the ability to perform SQL Select statements against FileMaker data. SQL Select statements can be simple and can easily get complicated and difficult to read. This is just one way to make it SQL statements easier to read.

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Xojo Xanadu - SQLite Audit Log using Triggers

Introducing Xojo Xanadu

Xanadu is the name for our Xojo Web App which we'll use to start our Web App projects for folks we work with. It's still in its infancy but it's quickly evolving into a fantastic foundation for database solutions. We're in love with the Xanadu logo that Ntstuan on Fiverr created for us. If you need an icon created, try out his services! Read More…