A QuicKey to Quickly Export a FileMaker XML DDR


Yesterday, I recorded a QuicKey to export a FileMaker XML DDR. It automatically chooses the menu item, changes to XML, and unticks auto open, then clicks create leaving you at the save dialog.

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Generate FileMaker Favorite Hosts XML


I was looking at copy and pasting over forty of the Favorite Hosts from FileMaker 10 to FileMaker 11. While I ended up having to copy and pasting them out of FileMaker 10, I created a simple FavHosts.fp7 database to generate the XML portion of the FileMaker Preferences File.

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Ray Cologon's FileMaker UltraLog Modified to use XML


Dr. Ray Cologon is a genius. He really is. He's created so many amazing FileMaker Demo files over the past several years. As listing of many of them is available on his Australian website:

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