Amazon S3 Class for Xojo

When developing Xojo Web Apps you have several choices to make like what type of database and how to store documents and photos. Storing files in the database results in large databases which are difficult to maintain. Storing files on your Xojo Web App server means keeping an eye on free disk space. Amazon S3 solves all these issues with inexpensive and practically infinite storage. The MBS Plugin has Amazon S3 support, so we created an easy to use Amazon S3 Xojo Class. Read More…

Pivot Tables in Xojo and FileMaker

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 10.45.15 AM
Pivot Tables will change how you view your data. Recently, I was working with someone who opened an Excel document and created a Pivot Table with the data. I was immediately in shock how fast and easy it was to visualize the data from different perspectives. Read More…

Xojo Web - Logging to the Browser Console

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Xojo makes coding really easy, but there are times you need to dig in and debug. One way is to use MsgBox which works great when you only need to check a few values. While there are many ways to check values as you debug, Web Apps have the ability to write information to the Browser Console. Read More…

SpeakerCue Released - A Confidence Monitor for Professional Producers and Presenters

CampSoftware is excited to announce the release of SpeakerCue, a confidence monitor for professional producers and presenters. This handy communications tool is a simple, streamlined way for a presenter or speaker to monitor their time and for an assistant or producer to provide them with invaluable information. SpeakerCue requirements are simple; a Mac or PC for the person who is controlling the time and messaging, and an external display within view of the speaker to receive those messages. Read More…

Archiving Xojo along with Plugins

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We've been developing Apps with Xojo since 1998. November 2018 will mark 20 years of using Xojo! Over many of those years we've also used and relied on the Monkeybread plugins for Xojo.

Many of those years, Xojo has been releasing updates quarterly with new features and bug fixes in each release. This means we don't have to wait a year or more to wait to have something fixed or wait a long time for handy new features. It also means that we need to keep track of which plugin version work with which particular version of Xojo. In our case, we used many plugins in the past but now we're only using the Monkeybread plugins. Read More…

Xojo's 2016 Developers Conference

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Xojo's 2016 Developers Conference Overview

I flew back from the Xojo Developers Conference ( XDC ) on Saturday. After reflecting on the three day event, I couldn't be happier about developing software with Xojo. The Xojo Keynote covered the what is planned over the next year. Afterwards, fellow Xojo-er's presented their sessions including my session on 'Database Driven Design'. I discussed Xanadu, our code to make Xojo development using databases faster. All of the sessions were well put together as I learned something in each session I attended.

The following is what was discussed during the keynote and what that means regarding what we can do for you. Read More…

Xanadu for Xojo on GitHub

Xanadu for Xojo is now available on GitHub!

Next week I'm speaking at the Xojo Developer Conference about "Database Driven Apps". The session will show how we're using Xojo to build multi user Apps where users access CRM type data such as Contacts, Invoices, and more. In the session, I will discuss "Making Xojo Database Apps Easier for Everyone, especially for FileMaker Developers" in the form of Xanadu, a Xojo Web App. Read More…

Developing Affordable and Scalable Apps with Xojo

I've been using Xojo since Version One of what was then called REALBasic in 1998 and have created a bunch of apps since then. At first, I wrote shareware apps and the occasional app for the companies I worked for. In the past two years, I've realized that I can use Xojo to create Multi User Web Apps for small businesses that are incredibly affordable due to Xojo's rapid development and licensing focused on developers, not users. Our team has been developing solutions mostly using FileMaker for the past two decades, but we've had Xojo in our back pocket and never realized it. Here are some reasons why we like Xojo so much…
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Rethinking Software Interfaces - Art Licensing Manager 3 - FileMaker to Xojo Rewrite

We started on Art Licensing Manager 3 a bit more than year ago, but our attention was needed on another project to rewrite a FileMaker solution to a Xojo Web App. We're getting back to working on ALM3 now which also happens to be a FileMaker to Xojo rewrite.

We'll get into the why and and discuss our journey starting with this post. Read More…

FileMaker 15 Platform Provides Less ROI

FileMaker 15 was released last week. The update has caused quite a bit disruption in the FileMaker Community. FileMaker 15 adds some features along with a new licensing method that is extremely confusing to the developer community. Read More…

Reference for FileMaker App for Made with Xojo

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Last week we released Reference for FileMaker our iPhone / iPad App that makes looking up FileMaker details quickly.

Not only is it one of our first apps, it's one of the first iPhone / iPad Apps created with Xojo! Xojo is really amazing. With it, we can create real apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, Web, and now iOS ( iPhone / iPad/ iPod ). Xojo is also working on adding Android to the list, but no dates have been set for the release date.

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DBObservers for FileMaker Developers Interested in Xojo


Always Learning

We've been using Xojo since 1998 and are still learning about it all the time such as the Observer Pattern. Last year, Paul Lefebvre posted about the Observer Pattern.

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Creating an App for your organization is easier that you think


Does your organization have an app?

Creating an app is easier than you might think. We use Xojo to create iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Windows, Linux. For Android, we use the Android Developer Kit. Xojo cannot create Android apps yet, but they do have plans.

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ALM v3 - Conversion of a FileMaker Runtime to a Xojo Web App


Getting Started

This is the beginning of a series of posts discuss converting our Art Licensing Manager product that runs as a FileMaker Runtime to a Xojo Web App. We'd love suggestions, feedback and more than willing to answer any questions about the process. We plan to get into a little detail, but not too much and some sample code.

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Art Licensing Manager v3 - EasyData2 Database Model for Xojo

Summer Vacations and Thinking

It's been a few months since the last post about converting the Art Licensing Manager to a Xojo Web App. It's been a busy summer between working on projects for clients, going on RV camping trips, and thinking about the best way to convert our FileMaker Runtime to a Xojo Web App. One of my favorite 'work' days this summer was working on the web app from our travel trailer campsite while enjoying the weather.

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Excited Labels for Xojo which could also work in FileMaker

Field Labels can be Excited

Just like a microwave excites water molecules, you can excite your field labels.

Normally we all place field labels to the left of our fields but that takes up a ton of space. That works and will continue to work, but when I was visiting ClaraLabs.com last night I saw a very nice animated way to handle a field label.

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Art Licensing Manager 3 Progress

Making Progress

We just wanted to share a quick video on the progress we've made on Art Licensing Manager 3. So far...

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Export FileMaker Tables to JSON

FileMaker to Xojo

We're still working to convert the Art Licensing Manager, our FileMaker Runtime based solution, to a Xojo Web App. It's a high priority for us since FileMaker Runtimes are listed to be deprecated, although we have several years as building Runtimes are available in FileMaker version 14 and will also be included in the 'next' version according to FileMaker Inc. We plan to have the Art Licensing Manager 3 available well before then.

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Xojo Background HTML Named Color Styles Generated from FileMaker

Xojo WebStyles

Xojo Styles are VERY powerful. Specifically, we're using Xojo WebStyles for our Web Apps. You can define just about everything you need. Below you can see a Style that defines that the background for the color '6495EDFF' which is also known as 'Blue Cornflower' as an Official HTML Named Color.
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Xojo Xanadu - SQLite Audit Log using Triggers

Introducing Xojo Xanadu

Xanadu is the name for our Xojo Web App which we'll use to start our Web App projects for folks we work with. It's still in its infancy but it's quickly evolving into a fantastic foundation for database solutions. We're in love with the Xanadu logo that Ntstuan on Fiverr created for us. If you need an icon created, try out his services! Read More…

Trees for Representing Referrals and Marketing Sources in Xojo and FileMaker

Fuzzy Vision

For some time, we struggled with how to visualize word of mouth referrals and marketing sources for one our favorite clients. We knew that both word of mouth and the advertising were doing something, but it was hard to see the which was stronger with standard reporting tools. Read More…