Deals on FileMaker Pro and Great Books too!

If you need one or two copies of FileMaker Pro or a FileMaker Book, you'll want to see these deals. If you need an upgrade or more than a few copies of FileMaker, contact us for even better deals. :)

FileMaker Development

Certified FileMaker Development
CampSoftware provides Certified Cross Platform FileMaker consulting and solutions throughout Orlando, Central Florida, and the across the country. We've been using FileMaker to solve problems since 1991 when FileMaker 3 was available and are proud to be a FileMaker Certified Developer. We hold FileMaker 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7 Certifications!

We can help you with practically anything related to managing your data from simple updates to conversions or even from scratch. We can help save you valuable time and money by using a template too. Need internal or public access to your data on the web or the iPhone?

  • Addressing issues or needed changes with an existing database.
  • Conversion or migrations from FileMaker or other databases.
  • Developing using our pre-existing template and modules.
  • Building custom databases from scratch.
  • Website integration of your data.

FileMaker Solutions

CampSoftware’s FMSBFoundation is perfect to start a new project or breathe new life into an existing database. Foundation comes with a Dashboard, Contacts, Projects, Calendar, and Documents modules and a full featured settings area. Built on the excellent FileMaker framework, FMSB is designed to be customized for your needs.

Art Licensing Manager
The Art Licensing Manager is a complete solution for tracking your Art, Collections, Contacts, Licensees, Licenses, Contracts and more.

We’ve designed the Art Licensing Manager as cross platform solution built using the award winning FileMaker Pro database platform so you can access your data anywhere on your favorite device: Mac, Windows, iPad, and iPhone.

FileMaker Utilities

FMClips lets you rapidly copy and paste reusable script steps, layout objects, fields, and more into your FileMaker database.

FMSnippets is a time saving tool that types out expanded text. For instance: type ‘fmsubs’ will expand to ‘Substitute ( text ; searchString ; replaceString )’

GoLaunch makes it simple to create iPhone and iPad Home Screen buttons to access your FileMaker Go databases with one tap.

The FMWeb HTMLEditor is a easy to integrate HTML Editor for FileMaker 12. If you are hand editing html in FileMaker you can use the FMWeb HTMLEditor to use a graphical editor instead!