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Need help with FileMaker or frustrated with Excel?

FileMaker Development FileMaker is excellent for small business custom databases. Imagine Excel on steroids that feels like an app, has multiuser access, amazing automation features, and runs on Mac, Windows, Web Browsers, and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod).
We've been using FileMaker to solve problems since 1991 when FileMaker 3 was available and are proud to be a FileMaker Certified Developer in versions 7 thru 13.

We can help you with practically anything related to managing your data from simple updates to conversions or even from scratch. We can help save you valuable time and money by using a template too. Need internal or public access to your data on the web or the iPhone?
  • Addressing issues or needed changes with an existing database.
  • Conversion or migrations from FileMaker or other databases.
  • Developing using our pre-existing template and modules.
  • Building custom databases from scratch.
  • Website integration of your data.

Need an app on Mac, Windows, Linux, Web, or iPhone / iPad?

Xojo Development Xojo is perfect for creating real apps that run on Mac, Windows, Linux, Web, and iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod). Need an iPhone app? We can help you design and get your app on the store or in the hands of your customers.
We've been using Xojo since 1998, even before it was named Xojo! We created numerous apps over the years with Xojo:
  • The Reference for Filemaker for iPhone & iPad listed below.
  • A school attendance and behavior tracking web app.
  • A touch screen kiosk for a zoo.
  • The CDROM interface for a computer software learning company.
  • Several shareware apps. Some of our apps were in the Mac Magazines.

We use other tools as well, but FileMaker and Xojo have proven their usefulness over decades.

More info about our Apps, Solutions, and FileMaker Tools