CampSoftware is made up of a fantastic team of people who loves developing Apps to solve problems.
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How We Work

Our team is made of up: Hal Gumbert, Ardith Gumbert, Doug de Stwolinska, Michael Broderick, and David Burton

We're very laid back and low stress, but very serious about development. Our process is simple:

  • Discuss your requirements, pain points, and your current process.
  • Send you a ballpark estimate of the project broken down into items and tasks.
  • Begin development when you approve.
  • Demo and discuss the software flow.
  • Repeat as needed.

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Give us a ring at 407-282-5585. For a faster response Send us an Email. We don’t check voicemail very often, but we can schedule a call!

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Hal Gumbert

We have been providing advice and consulting services for many business and home computer owners since 1988. Since then, we have built a loyal base of clients and we have a tremendous amount of repeat business.

I've been developing databases, offering shareware, and custom software since 1995 as CampSoftware. I developed our most widely used program which is the the CDROM Interface on every MacAcademy / WindowsAcademy / Studio eWorks produced since 2002. The interface is cross platform, plays training movies, provides a quiz, and features a keyword index. My first access to a computer was a TRS-80 and my Grandparents purchased a Commodore 64 for me so I could creating programs in BASIC. Then while attending college at Drexel University, I purchased a Macintosh SE along with FileMaker Plus 2.1 by Forethought Inc, well before Claris and FileMaker Inc owned the product. While in college, I helped out several businesses and individuals with their computers and small databases. My first job out of college was to create a FileMaker database for a Destination Management company to assign tourists to buses on a daily basis to use the least number of buses while reducing the wait time for the tourists. Since then, I've been developing software using many applications including FileMaker, 4th Dimension, and Xojo / REALbasic. It's a ton of fun. I just love conceptualizing and implementing solutions for ourselves and our clients.