We Develop Database Driven Apps

We've been working with PHP/MySQL/Bootstrap/Javascript, FileMaker Pro, Xojo, and related software since 1991. Over the years, we seen a lot. Get in touch if you need some help or just have some questions. :)


Web App

Spend More Time
Making Art

Confidence Monitor
for Public Speaking

FileMaker Helpers

Rapidly Copy/Paste Script Steps, Layout Objects, Fields, and More

Fast Abbreviations for Functions

Save FileMaker Tables as SQL Dump Files

Are you a software developer and need advice?

We've been working with FileMaker Pro, Xojo, and related software since the 1990's and would love to to help you. We've seen a lot over the years. Coaching is really simple. Get in touch so we can schedule a time to talk and share screens. During the call, we'll talk about what your list of issues and offer suggestions and we might even have some sample code to share. The whole idea is to help you out!