FMSnippets is a time saving tool that makes FileMaker Development faster. FMSnippets requires an abbreviation expansion tool such as TextExpander for Mac OS X. When you type in one of our abbreviations, it types out the expanded text. For instance: If you type 'fmsubs' in a calculation, it will be expanded to 'Substitute ( text ; searchString ; replaceString )'

FMSnippets for TextExpander contains over 250 abbreviations for FileMaker 9 and FileMaker 10. The set of snippets includes practically all functions used in the FileMaker calculation engine.

FMSnippets has saved our developers hours of time by assisting them to be more productive. According to the TextExpander statistics, one of our developers saved four hours over a two month period with 1,226 snippets expanded saving him from an additional 95,962 keypresses!

How does FMSnippets work?

Once TextExpander is installed, you import FMSnippets. Then you can type simple abbreviations rather than type out or reformat FileMaker functions. This will make your development faster, allowing you to focus on the code rather than trying to find the functions you need amongst the very long list of functions. Imagine typing 'fmgsp' for 'Get ( ScriptParameter )' instead of having to choose a menu item and then scrolling through the list!

When you register, you will receive both a link to download the FMSnippets as well as a link to subscribe to the FMSnippets. Subscribing will keep your FMSnippets up to date automatically.


Typing 'fmifs', our abbreviation for 'fm if short', will expand to:
If ( test ; resultOne ; resultTwo )

Typing 'fmifl', our abbreviation for 'fm if long', will expand to:
If (test ; resultOne ; resultTwo )

Typing 'fmcase', our abbreviation for 'fm case', will expand to:
Case ( test1 ; result1 ; test2 ; result2 ; defaultResult )

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Questions and Answers
Q: Can I use FMSnippets on Windows?
A: FMSnippets is designed for TextExpander, but Breevy, can import TextExpander snippets.

Q: Is it possible to FMSnippets with SpellCatcher?
A: Yes, but not as they are. The FMSnippets file is XML, so it would need to be transformed to work with SpellCatcher.