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SpeakerCue is a confidence monitor for professional producers and presenters.

What is a Confidence Monitor?

A Confidence Monitor is a computer display that faces the speaker, generally not visible to the audience, which displays information such as remaining time and information from the producer used to keep the speaker focused on their presentation.

SpeakerCue as a Confidence Monitor

SpeakerCue is designed to run on Mac or Windows where the producer controls what is displayed on the confidence monitor. Ideally, the producer would use a laptop with an external display with the Producer Window on the laptop display and the Presenter Window on the external display within view of the speaker.

SpeakerCue has settings for:
- End Time
- Display as Current Time or Countdown
- Display Format
- Color of Time, Background, Message
- Remaining Minutes Optional Time Color and Flash
- Message

Producer Window
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Presenter Window
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“SpeakerCue is the only full-featured program countdown clock that integrates the ability to easily communicate with your speaker or moderator while they're on stage. We’ve used SpeakerCue for speeches by President Barack Obama, actress Glenn Close, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power, and others. Now, I would never consider producing a program without it.”

Bill Chapman
Executive Director / Producer
The Richmond Forum
America’s largest non-profit public lecture series
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After a year, you can keep using the version you registered as long as you like. After one year, upgrades are $20 which include another year of updates!

Demo Limitations

The SpeakerCue demo runs for 10 minutes and then quits. Just relaunch to try again. After registering, the limits disappear. :)

We Take Requests

Have an idea? Let us know and we'll add it to SpeakerCue, if it is a good fit. If it's not, we could make a customized version of SpeakerCue just for you!

Questions and Answers
Q: Do you have any suggestions?
A: One suggestion would be to place your confidence monitor display on a guitar stand. Doing so will angle the display to make it easier for the speaker to see.
Q: Can you add a feature for me?
A: That depends on what you need! :) Seriously, just ask and we'll try!