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FMClips lets you rapidly copy and paste reusable script steps, layout objects, fields, and more into your FileMaker database.

We made FMClips for our own use so we didn't have to recreate 'chunks' of script steps over and over. It's saved us so much time and we thought you might want to use FMClips as well! Now we're also storing Layout Objects and Fields in FMClips that we use over and over.

FMClips is a unlocked FileMaker database that uses the free Clipboard Explorer plugin from Be sure to check out the Developer Assistant too. Both products have saved us countless hours finding text in our FileMaker database scripts, tables and fields!

Also check out the Progress Bar that uses Conditional Formatting created by Honza from 24USoftware! Several of the clips below include it.
App - Evernote - Create Note - Script Steps
Custom Dialog - Buttons - Script Steps
Custom Dialog - User Input Fields - Script Steps
Custom Dialog Fields - Fields
CustomList - Get IDs into Var - Script Steps
Fields with Repeat - Fields
Find - Simple - Script Steps
Loop - Records - Script Steps
Loop - Records with Progress Bar - Script Steps
Loop - Variables - Script Steps
Loop - Variables with Progress Bar - Script Steps
Loop Progress Bar 101x26 - Layout Object
ParseData - Custom Function
Print Preview Simple - Script Steps
Sort by 1 Field Asc, Dec - Script Steps
Validation Template - Script Steps
Window - New with 20px Offset - Script Steps

How to Apply Mass Changes

Questions and Answers
Q: If I've created my own clips in the previous version, do I need to do anything special to get them into the new version, or do I just import the records? (I just want to be sure there are no incompatibilities to watch out for.) Thanks!
A: There's nothing special to do. Just import yours in to the updated version. It's a good idea to set the Group for all your clips to make them easier to manage. I would go to your the version you are using now and delete all of the CampSoftware clips since the new file already has them. Then import the Clips you added to the new version!

Q: I am not sure if this app will do what I want. Simply put, I want to copy a script, then paste it into a different application (e.g. MS Word), in order to make multiple find/replace fixes. Will this do that?
A: No. FMClips is mean to store anything you can copy and paste in FileMaker and then paste them back into FileMaker. This allows you to keep a library of clips of items that you use over and over. You can also edit the XML to manipulate the clipboard which provides a way to semi-automate development. Just the other day, we needed a portal to be placed on another layout, but on pasting, each field changed to unknown since the context was not correct. We performed a Find/Replace to change the context which make the portal work without having to update all the fields!