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Xanadu is reincarnated as a Web App developed in PHP / HTML / CSS / Bootstrap / Javascript. If you haven't heard of Xanadu it's a framework for developing Database Driven Web Apps.

It's been a long road, but Xanadu is a good place now. If you haven't heard about the speed bumps we hit with FileMaker and Xojo, we posted a bit about it last year. Not much has changed with FileMaker and Xojo since. FileMaker is still very expensive for Small Businesses as they focus on Enterprise. Xojo released Web 2.0 over the past year in pre-alpha quality. While Xojo has been fixing bugs it still has many show-stopping issues. One of the features I was most interested in, Responsive Containers, isn't included. Xojo said their bug tracker 'Feedback' would be available as a Web 2.0 app but hasn't been released. It's a shame. Xojo had a lot of promise, but quality is in the crapper and is slow to fix bugs. If you care to learn more, check out the Xojo forums at https://forum.xojo.com.

Moving Xanadu to PHP turned out to be an excellent decision. We have yet to run into a bug in PHP which is amazing after dropping Xojo. Web development hasn't changed much at its core. Essentially we write code that generates HTML / CSS / Bootstrap / Javascript etc. We're just now using PHP to generate that code.

We've decided to make Xanadu OPEN SOURCE on GitHub because we want to help others. If there's enough interest, we hope to build a community of developers. However, if you need some help or want someone else to develop your Web App, we'd love to help!

Xanadu Info can be found here: https://campsoftware.com/products/xanadu.php We add more info weekly and are working to use this page as our reference too!