FileMaker Runtime Packages and Installer for Mac


David Burton shows you how to convert a Mac FileMaker Runtime folder into a single file/application by turning it into a Package. Then David will show how to create an Installer for the Package so that it is installed in the Applications folder.

In addition to FileMaker Pro Advanced you will also need AppleScript Editor and a 3rd party application called Packages. I had mistakenly assumed you could download the AppleScript Editor from Apple, but you can however find the it in your Applications/Utilities folder. Finally, the script came from this MacOSX forum post.

The AppleScript used to convert the Runtime Folder into a Package follows. You'll need to change the appPath in the script after your Runtime Folder and App Title.

- Path to the runtime in the App
set appPath to (((path to meas text) & "")
-- Convert path to a POSIX path
set newAppPath to POSIX path of appPath
-- executing the script file
set command to "open " & newAppPath
do shell script command
end try

View the video on YouTube to view a higher quality version.

Thank you again for watching and we look forward to your feedback!