Archiving Xojo along with Plugins

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We've been developing Apps with Xojo since 1998. November 2018 will mark 20 years of using Xojo! Over many of those years we've also used and relied on the Monkeybread plugins for Xojo.

Many of those years, Xojo has been releasing updates quarterly with new features and bug fixes in each release. This means we don't have to wait a year or more to wait to have something fixed or wait a long time for handy new features. It also means that we need to keep track of which plugin version work with which particular version of Xojo. In our case, we used many plugins in the past but now we're only using the Monkeybread plugins.
Many years ago, we needed to update an app that we haven't touched in a long time and couldn't remember which plugins we used. We ended up having to try one version after another to see which plugin would work.

To solve that problem we now backup Xojo and plugins in two different ways. The first way is to keep the downloads for Xojo and plugins in a folder. The second way is to zip the entire Xojo folder keeping the installed plugins in the Plugins folder.

Over time, this gives you the power to install any particular version of Xojo or the plugins you use using the versions you downloaded. More importantly, you can unzip an of your zip files that include your installed extensions.

If you have other idea, get in touch and we'll post those ideas here.