Art Licensing Manager 3 Progress - Multiple Platforms

Platforms Galore, Pics Below

We did some preliminary testing of the Art Licensing Manager 3 on Mac, Windows, iPad, and Android and it's looking great.

You may notice that we're showing two pics for iPad. In 'iPad Safari' we launched Safari and then typed in the server address. After that pic, we saved that web page to the iPad Home Screen 'iPad Saved to Home Screen' as we show in the video for GoLaunch for FileMaker page. That simply saves a bookmark to the home screen, but it also hides the address bar, which saves a bit of space as you can see in the 'iPad Home Screen' pic.

Longer, Getting Faster, Plus Data Separation

It's getting very exciting to see the Art Licensing Manager 3 come so far considering we haven't spent a ton of time on it. We're finding that it takes a a bit longer to develop in Xojo but as we build a reusable code library, we're getting faster and faster. Plus, since the database is using SQLite we get true data separation from the app code. That means with Xojo, we won't have to import data from the prior version. We'll simply use the exact same database file and add any tables the updated version requires.

Reducing Costs with Xojo

Using Xojo to build this app will reduce the costs to our users significantly too. Currently, the ALM is released as a single user FileMaker database (Runtime) which has zero cost to our users who only need single user acess. As soon as someone needs to go to two users, a minimum of two copies of FileMaker Pro would be needed. Beyond five users, FileMaker Server would be needed. As you can imagine the cost of FileMaker adds up quickly, but developing in Xojo takes ALL those costs away. With the purchase the Xojo development environment, we can build and distribute as many apps as we want which means those who use our apps, don't need to pay anything beyond the cost of our product.

Need an app?

Let us know if you need an app. With Xojo, we can help you build an app for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Windows, or a Web app that can run in a browser. All we need to do is talk about what you need and then we can provide a ballpark estimate regarding the costs.

Mac Safari

Mac Chrome


Windows Internet Explorer


Windows Chrome


iPad Safari

iPad Save to Home Screen


iPad Saved to Home Screen


iPad Home Screen


Android Browser