Evernote Is Nice, But I Need To Do's

My friend Tim Dietrich and I work on a bunch of projects together. Although we live hundreds of miles apart, we talk during the day quite a bit and today we were talking about an interesting article: Transfer Your Notes from Evernote to Apple Notes


The thing is that Tim and I love Evernote, but we're both not 'satisfied' with it. It works great for notes of course. In my case, I use Evernote to store notes and web pages that I might also want to find later.

Sharing Notes could be made easier though. I've tried sharing Notes and it's just not a clear process. If someone shares a Note with me, it should just be in my list of notes which I could place in ANY of my Notebooks. I'd also want to easily see a list of all my shared notes no matter if I shared it or was shared with me.
How I Use Evernote

The Evernote Notes I touch daily tend to be Notes that I treat as To Do's. I have a 'Stack' which is just a folder of Notebooks called 'To Do'. I have Notebooks for Work, Ideas, Our Website, Blog, Home, and our RV. In each Notebook, I create a Note for each To Do. Stacks are nice as you can click on the Stack and see ALL the Note for EACH Notebook or just click on a Notebook and see those Notes.

Having Stacks is huge for me so I can see more than one Notebook at a time. I could really live without Stacks though if I could have hierarchical Notes. This would mean that I could create a Note for a Project and then create sub Notes for my To Do's and optionally share those Notes with others.

To Do Notes

In my world, each of these note is REALLY a To Do, but I don't have a way to mark it like that. Evernote does have the ability to add checkboxes inside Notes. It's cool, but a bit weird feeling. I'd like those to remain in Evernote so I could create a Note as a To Do and have Tasks to tick off as completed.

What I really, really want.

  • Add Checkbox to a Note in the header to signify that that Note is a To Do.
  • Add Note fields to be exposed if a Note is a To Do for Date Due, Date Completed, Priority. These should be able to be seen in lists.
  • Assigned To ( another evernote user ) would be for assigning a To Do to another person which would be like Sharing a Note.
  • Hierarchical Notes as I've described above.

That's pretty much it. I'm getting back to work!