Excited Labels for Xojo which could also work in FileMaker

Field Labels can be Excited

Just like a microwave excites water molecules, you can excite your field labels.

Normally we all place field labels to the left of our fields but that takes up a ton of space. That works and will continue to work, but when I was visiting ClaraLabs.com last night I saw a very nice animated way to handle a field label.

Before Clicking


After Clicking


Xojo or FileMaker

While our example file works in Xojo, it could also be accomplished in FIleMaker using Object Hiding. It's great that these type of techniques can be build for just about any platform.

In our example, we use Xojo's CueText to place the Label text into the Field. We also set the Label to the HelpTag / Tooltip. When the Window/Page/View loads, the user will see the Label in the Field. When anything is typed in to a field, the CueText is hidden and the Label above the Field is shown. The only time that the Label above the Field and the CueText is show is when nothing is typed into the Field and the cursor is in the Field.


Download the Example or Watch How it Works

Check out the video below and download the example file. Using techniques like this help to make software for our clients much faster!

More to Come

We'll be posting more as we progress with the Art Licensing Manager 3 conversion from a FileMaker Runtime to a Xojo Web App!