FMSmallBusiness Updated to v1.2.2

FMSmallBusiness - History | CampSoftware - FileMaker Development and Small Business Software by FileMaker Certified Developers: "2009/03/21 v1.2.2

  • New - Added ‘New Window’ menu item with keyboard shortcut in the ‘FMSmallBusiness’ menu.

  • New - Added ability to assign a Staff member to a Category.

  • New - Added Event Alerts. An alert can now be created for on screen notification of an event.

  • New - Added support for Entourage on Mac. Previously when creating an Email in Entourage the message would go into the Drafts box instead of opening for editing and sending.

  • New - Added the ability to email a PDF version of an Invoice along with a PayPal link for Payment. Any payment gateway can be used, but we include information on building PayPal URLs. If you have a URL for othergateways, please email

  • Improvement - Changed Event Detail layout to better organize the data.

  • Improvement - Simplifed Repeating Events. When you delete an Event either the selected event or all related events can be deleted.

  • Improvement - The printable Invoice and Pack List layouts have been moved to the custom file. This now allows for modifications to these printable layouts.

Update - Changed the Migration routine so that Full Access accounts do not cause an issue when importing Staff.