FMSmallBusiness updated for Mac OS X 10.6. Improves Email Sending and iCal Exporting


FMSmallBusiness - History: [dead link]

2009/09/01 v1.5.2 [3 Items] Note: Some Features are FileMaker 10 only. The next version WILL require FileMaker 10.


  • Updated iCal/ICS Export / Made changes to the exported files to increase compatibility with applications like iCal. Also the exporting of the files is much faster.


  • Fixed Sending Email with Multiple Recipients / Fixed a problem where sending an email would show an error stating that a header was missing. This would only occur if there were no 'To' address with the remaining either 'CC' or 'BCC'.


  • Updated FMSB FileMaker Extensions / The Extensions forSuperContainer, ScriptMaster, and the PHP SmartPill have been updated to versions compatible with Mac OS X 10.6. These also include updates for both Mac and Windows.

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