FileMaker Scripting & Calcs. Now in Color!


Which do you like better:


I thought so. Recently, I learned that the MBS FileMaker Plugin could color code FileMaker scripts and calcs on Mac OS. Sorry Windows users... It's amazing. Plus calculations are colorized. It's something I just can't live without now... To try it for free:

  • Download the plugin.
  • Install the plugin, remembering to quit and relaunch FileMaker.
  • Download and open the 'fmSyntaxColorizer' database that I've already customized. I spent quite a bit of time deciding what colors to use for each script step type. Or open the 'fmSyntaxColorizer' in the Examples/Third Party folder in the download if you'd like to use the example that comes with the plugin.
  • After opening the fmSyntaxColorizer, click the Colorize button. That's unless you want to change the colors...
  • Finally, order the MBS FileMaker Plugin. It's well worth it JUST for the code coloring, but it can do sooo much more.

Christian from MBS is simply amazing. He responds extremely fast to requests. In fact, I was editing some scripts yesterday, color coded of course, and I went to debug a script and it was in black and white. So I popped him an email and within literally minutes, he sent me an updated plugin that color coded the script debugger. I've been using the MBS Real Studio plugin for years and years for Real Studio projects. It's essential. then a few years ago, Christian created the MBS FileMaker plugin which bring over some of the functionality of the Real Studio plugin, plus some special features just for FileMaker like code coloring, window controls like hiding, webviewer tool, and others.