FileMaker Type Ahead with FMSnippets and Spell Catcher


For some time now, FMSnippets has been fantastic for speeding development. Typing out simple abbreviations as save us so much time rather than pointing and clicking or typing out the functions.

We received a Twitter message from Damon Casey (@AutomatingData) where he told us about how Spell Catcher can be used to add type ahead functionality to FileMaker. He found that Tony White had a nice video demonstrating this. Damon mentioned that TextExpander plans to add the functionality that Spell Catcher adds in version 3. We look forward to that!

We think this rocks! So, I started the process of converting FMSnippets from TextExpander to Spell Catcher. I quickly learned that you can drag and drop the TextExpander FMSnippets file directly into a new Glossary in Spell Catcher! Amazing.

In the next version of FMSnippets, we will be splitting the snippets into two files so we can place the AppleScript snippets in to a separate file. We'll also provide an edited version of the Spell Catcher glossary to remove the TextExpander cursor insertion tags.

View the HD version.