FileMaker Web Publishing PHP Deprecated Messages


While working on a FileMaker/php project recently we came across an interesting situation. Though our solution was connecting to our database properly and displaying the data we requested we were seeing a lot of Deprecated Messages being returned by the FileMaker API.

Pasted Graphic

If you’re running PHP 5.3 or greater there are several methods in the FileMaker API that are deprecated, that is, they won’t be supported in future versions of PHP. While it’s good to know that your solution may have some trouble down the road right now it’s a bit of an annoyance to see all of the deprecated warnings. It also makes debugging a touch difficult.

The good news is you can turn all of the deprecated messages and still be able to see the rest of the errors that you will need for debugging. In the head of your document (or in a file that’s included in every script) add these lines of code:

This little snippet should hide the deprecated messages and still give you the notices and errors that you need to build and debug your site.