Generate FileMaker Favorite Hosts XML


I was looking at copy and pasting over forty of the Favorite Hosts from FileMaker 10 to FileMaker 11. While I ended up having to copy and pasting them out of FileMaker 10, I created a simple FavHosts.fp7 database to generate the XML portion of the FileMaker Preferences File.

This is what the Favorite Hosts XML portion looks like:


While this isn't terribly hard, you may corrupt your FileMaker Prefs File, so please be careful!

Steps to make this work:

  • Download the FavHosts.fp7 [dead link] file.
  • Launch FileMaker 11 and create at least one Favorite Host so you can find the XML to replace.
  • Quit FileMaker.
  • Make sure FileMaker is not running. Happy
  • Find the FileMaker preferences file. On Mac it is located in your User folder in Library/Preferences. Mine is titled "com.filemaker.client.advanced.plist".
  • Duplicate the preferences file so you have a backup.
  • Open the preferences file with a text editor. I use TextWrangler and find the XML for the Favorite Hosts. You can see ours above.
  • Somehow, someway, get your Favorite Hosts out of FileMaker 10 and into the FavHosts.fp7 database. I ended up copy and pasting the info into the FavHosts.fp7 database.
  • Run the Script "Copy Fav Hosts as XML to the Clipboard".
  • Paste the XML into your FileMaker preferences file, replacing the current Favorite Hosts info and save the file.
  • Launch FileMaker 11 and see if your Favorite Hosts are available!

Let us know how it goes...