HopTo - iPad Mobile Workspace


A friend just sent me a link for HopTo and it looks very useful, so I thought I'd share it... One thing that I miss on iOS is a Mac like experience where I can access my files, no matter the app. On iOS, we have to think about what app created the file, then go to that app. It's backwards thinking... Maybe someday iOS will have a place we can access all of our files in one place.

Anywhere work and personal file accessibility comes to the iPad

  • Manage/share personal and business files in one place
  • Access PC files from your iPad
  • Insert images into documents from Google searches
  • Download image files to camera roll
  • Email and share files
  • Easy to use multi-tasking interface

An interactive mobile workspace built with you in mind

  • Innovative user interface allows for true multitasking
  • Single location view of business and personal files in cloud storage
  • Save files in cloud storage
  • Create, edit and share Office files
  • Establish favorites for quick access
  • Get your own “Personal Cloud” without having to pay service fees

Manage Personal & Work Office Files & Photos from Your iPad

  • Create and edit Word/Excel documents and files
  • View PowerPoint files that are saved in cloud storage
  • Be mobile but still have access, no matter where you are in the office
  • iPad native functionality with easy to use features
  • Open remote files in local apps
  • Data privacy & security