Reference for FileMaker App for Made with Xojo

refere ceforfilemaker

Last week we released Reference for FileMaker our iPhone / iPad App that makes looking up FileMaker details quickly.

Not only is it one of our first apps, it's one of the first iPhone / iPad Apps created with Xojo! Xojo is really amazing. With it, we can create real apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, Web, and now iOS ( iPhone / iPad/ iPod ). Xojo is also working on adding Android to the list, but no dates have been set for the release date.

We've been using Xojo since 1998, way back when it was called REALbasic and have been using it to develop apps since then. One of the main reasons we love Xojo it is a high level language. The level refers to how close the language is to machine language. Binary is lowest level language (1's and 0's) followed by assembly language, then languages like C, C++, Pascal, COBOL, and others follow. Xojo would be above those languages and FileMaker above Xojo. While FileMaker is generally a drag and drop development environment, Xojo requires more "coding". You can still drag and drop some elements, but you also have to write code. Think of Xojo as between FileMaker and C++.

We've created C++ apps in the past, but it was never fun. The first time we saw Xojo, it was like a breath of fresh air as Xojo made it easier to create apps. Since the iPhone was introduced, we've been trying to find a way to build apps with out using C++. We've tried FMTouch which converted FileMaker databases to iPhone apps. We've tried LiveCode which is like Hypercard. We've tried PhoneGap which is like building mini web apps. None of them felt right to us.

Xojo added building iOS apps in early December 2014 and we had our app submitted to the App Store by the end of December. It was amazing to conceptualize, develop, and submit the app so fast. Considering that it took a week or so to learn how iOS apps work with Xojo, I'm still amazed how fast we could build an app. Since then, Xojo has released TWO updates. Xojo strives to release major updates quarterly and minor updates as needed. The updates aren't just bug fixes, but also new features, changes, and docs / examples. Here are the Release Notes.

If you need an app created, we can help with the development.

Here's a video that Paul, the Xojo Developer Evangelist created to show how easy to can be.