Spawning FileMaker


Brian Schick posted on Twitter a link on how to open additional instances of FileMaker, or any other application on your Mac. This was also mentioned at PauseOnError this week several times.

I wouldn't suggest that general users try this out, but developers and power users could used this to be able to multi task better. Up until now, we run a FileMaker Pro along with FileMaker Advanced to use FileMaker Pro to run a task / billing database. Now, we can just run another copy of FileMaker Advanced.

This is also a great idea to work on several databases simultaneously and to make copy and pasting of anything that resides in a modal window.

To try it, open Terminal and run the following command: open -n /Applications/'FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced'/'FileMaker Pro'/

This can be used for any other app too like FileMaker Pro, Safari, or any other app that you need. Keep in mind to enclose and paths or file names in quotes if there are any spaces within the path.

To make it less painful, you can also turn that terminal command into an Automator script as shown below or just download the Spawn-FM.app_ Automator script.