Faster FileMaker? Auto Fill Your Coffee Machine Water Reservoir


I've had a Keurig Coffee machine for a while now. But, as a FileMaker Developer, I couldn't leave well enough alone.

While the Keurig coffee is more expensive per cup than a regular coffee pot machine IF you don't finish the entire pot, I never have to drink old coffee that's been sitting on the burner for hours. We can almost always find k-cups for about 50 cents each. Plus it's still cheaper than driving around for a $4 coffee.

Just like the tools we use to make FileMaker development faster like FMClips [dead link] and FMSnippets [dead link] I LOVE to make stuff around the house and our popup camping trailer better. For the coffee machine, I loved how it could make me a cup of coffee in seconds, every 5 for 6 cups, I had to keep filling the reservoir.

Ughhh. Take off the lid, carry to the fridge, hold it while it fills, then put it back. What a pain. So, just like the water line going to the fridge, I ran a line to the coffee machine with an on/off valve. That worked, but then I had to manually open and close rather than the parade to the fridge and back. Too much work, plus one time I didn't close the valve and caused a minor flood, probably day dreaming about FileMaker...

Then I was thinking about how our toilet how it auto fills itself and thought that my coffee machine should do the same! So I bought a float valve that would fit in the reservoir. The idea is that every time I make a cup of coffee, it automatically refills the tank. I've been using it for weeks and it completely rocks. Unfortunately, I didn't actually buy that float valve and had to use the adapter shown on the left next to the wall to deal with different hose sizes. One tip is to put a manual valve in the hose line and open it just enough to trickle water into the tank at a reasonable pace.

The 90° adapter on top was nice to keep the hose out of the way. I'm now thinking of getting one of those cord hiders to hide the hose, or maybe paint the hose black.